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R-Pro Wahoo

R-Pro Wahoo

Vanlig pris 179,00 NOK
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Hva betyr det at bildet er merket med "Actual Disc"?

"Actual Disc"-merket indikerer at det er vårt eget bilde av nøyaktig den discen du kommer til å få tilsendt. Det vil altså IKKE være noe variasjon i fargenyanser eller stamp.

Alle discer merket med "Actual Disc" blir også veiet av oss med presisjonsvekt. Siden produsentene ofte har større feilmargin på vekten, kan du oppleve å motta et produkt som er merket med en annen vekt.

Vi grupperer discer som har identisk farge, stamp og vekt sammen, så derfor kan du oppleve at er mer enn 1 på lager av en disc merket med "Actual Disc".

Hvilken vekt burde jeg velge?

Kort svar: Er det et par grams forskjell på de ulike variantene? Da har det ikke så mye å si.

Langt svar: Generelt er en lettere disc ofte lettere å kaste for nybegynnere, men blir mer påvirket av vind og kan oppleves mindre pålitelig. Videre vil en lettere disc "skippe" fremover mindre når den treffer bakken. Eksperimenter med ulike vekter for å oppdage forskjellene.

Kjøper du en disc under 170g anses det som en "lettvekt-disc". Det kan være fordelaktig å eksperiementere med lettere vekter, særlig for nybegynnere og spillere som sliter med å få fart på discen.

Lettvekts lengdedriver i ekstra grepsvennlig plast som flyter i vann.
Wahoo er en rask disc med mye glide. Discen har lignende flyveegenskaper til Dragon, men med mer speed og lengre distanse. Wahoo er en flytende distance driver som vil gi deg selvtilliten til å kaste over lengre elver og vannhull. 
Anbefalt bruksområde:
For nye spillere
Kast over og ved vann
Flight Rating:
Speed 12
Glide 6
Turn -2
Fade 2
R-Pro plast:
R-Pro plasten er en mykere Pro blanding. R-Pro discer har det beste grepet for alle typer vær. Plastikken har mer "flex" som gjør at R-Pro putt & approach er blitt veldig populært for kaldt og vått vær. R-Pro Boss holder verdensrekorden for lengste kast 338 M (1108 feet).

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
jserepair, fra Infinite Discs
Min Flight Rating: 12/6/-2/2 (Ikke nybegynnervennlig)

I haven't mastered this disc yet, I get very inconsistent results, it's great when I nail it, it's terrible when I don't. It gets points for being a floating disc though, so this is my go to when I have a risky water shot. (Nivå på anmelder: Nybegynner)

DeadSpaced, fra Infinite Discs
Min Flight Rating: 12/6/-2/2 ()

I can't believe all the people saying this disc is "inconsistent" because it's one of my most consistent discs. I'm going to assume it's your form letting you down not the disc and here's why. This disc is understable like it says and it will definitely show the flaws in your form very noticeably. Thrown hard on a bit of hyzer it will flip to flat and carry dead straight with little fade at the end. I've almost aced a few times and am almost always inside circle 1 with this disc. I throw destroyers as my main driver and this has a very similar feel in the hand which makes me feel confident throwing it even though I only use it for shots over water. The high glide rating is also dead on this will carry very far without a ton of effort. Just focus on a smooth shot and hitting your angle and this disc won't let you down. Try to over power it or throw it slightly off angle this disc is gone, good thing it floats. (Nivå på anmelder: Middels)

AthloneImport, fra Infinite Discs
Min Flight Rating: 10/6/-3/3 (Svært nybegynnervennlig)

Yes, a 'Very Beginner Friendly' Speed 12 disc. I have a couple caveats but I do mean that. First, to get the most out of it you will need an arm, but in the meantime the disc has enough early turn and glide that someone learning distance drivers won't completely meat hook this thing. Really, It throws much more similarly to a Speed 10, at least for me. I don't have a big arm but I've played for a while. The Wahoo is very, very interesting. I got it in a trade, I was more interested in offloading a disc then getting anything new, so I picked this out because it piqued my curiosity the most. In hand, it feels like a Destroyer and I doubt I could tell the difference between the two in hand or visually without any stamps. I have to say I had no idea what to expect out of the flight of the disc. I knew the flight ratings, but we all know the flight of a disc is very much an individualized experience. Take the Latitude 64 Explorer and the Innova TeeBird in Recycled and Star plastic, respectively. It's hole 7 on my hometown course, a shot across a pond with three fifty left to the basket, perfect conditions to reach for a fairway driver. The Explorer is going dead straight and hooking left to cut roll a circle in the ground where the TeeBird will flex gently and fade hard enough for a soft skip. See what I mean? Same release, same stats, different flights. Maybe its just me. But, should I compare the Wahoo to another disc, say, the Prodigy D3, the Innova model will sweep out wide on its turn and cut back in as gentle as can be. The D3 will more or less maintain the same straight line. It's just bizarre. While I'm on the subject of flight ratings, here's something a reader will more likely agree with. Flight ratings are just a bit vague, its nobody's fault. It's like ending a big game in soccer with penalty kicks. It's probably not the best solution, but no one has found a better way to go about it. Continuing that line of thought, I disagree with Innova for the first time when it comes to assigning ratings here. As vague as Flight Rating classifications can be, you know what you're getting when you throw an Innova disc after going over the numbers. Innova especially, as far as I can tell Viking discs are the only other company who really have their ratings down for almost every disc they make. However, I don't know if it's because this disc was molded to float or what but these ratings weren't anything close to how the disc actually flies. Please, review my ratings, it's just a unique little dude. You owe it to yourself to try it at least once. I don't bag it, but its a great sweeping, reliable long distance S curving disc to have in the arsenal. Oh, and it floats. I forgot about that. (Nivå på anmelder: Nybegynner)

revdisc, fra Infinite Discs
Min Flight Rating: 12/6/-2/2 (Svært nybegynnervennlig)

Id say flight wise this disc has a similar path to a leopard except much faster and more efficient. Im not sure why but the wahoo that I have has an insane glide where off the tee i can trust it to go 350 from a backhand. I do like the feel of the plastic a lot but unfortunately its still a bit less durable that I would want it. If you think youll maybe lose a disc and you are a beginner I suggest this one in a bright color so that itll be less likely you'll end up paying another 15 dollars for a decent disc. (Nivå på anmelder: Middels)

Randy, fra Infinite Discs
Min Flight Rating: 12/6/-2/2 (Ganske nybegynnervennlig)

I give this disc such a high rating because I really only use it in the winter when I just want to get out and throw. And it does a good job at that. The plastic is grippy no matter what temperature or if it and you are covered in frozen nastyness. The wide rim lets my frozen fingers still grab on to it. I have trouble with smaller rims in cold temps when the arthritis acts up. (Nivå på anmelder: Middels)

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